Foreign firms under fire in China

Beijing: As Washington continues to step up its anti-China campaign, it is clear that things will only get tougher for US and other foreign businesses in the Chinese market in 2022, a Chinese newspaper warned on Friday.
“But multinationals should and can handle these challenges: Just don’t get into politics, and stay true to your original mission of winning over consumers through high-quality products and services,” the state-run Global Tines said.
It said it was absurd to suggest that there was growing hostility among Chinese consumers toward foreign businesses.
“If anything, it is hostility toward certain arrogant businesses that cater to anti-China sentiment without any regard for China’s national interests and respect for Chinese consumers,” it said.
“One thing that is growing, though, is the Chinese public’s indignation toward the US’ relentless slander and crackdowns against China,” said the English-language daily, which is known to reflect the thinking of the Communist Party leadership.
The daily said that over the past two weeks or so, several foreign companies had become mired in controversy in the Chinese market. It mentioned in particular US chip firm Intel, supermarket operator Sam’s Club, German carmaker Mercedes-Benz and US entertainment giant Disney.
On Wednesday, many Chinese consumers lined up inside Sam’s Club stores in several cities to cancel their membership to protest against the company’s reported decision to remove products sourced from China’s Xinjiang Uygur region.
It added that the US government has been forcing US businesses to cut ties with their Chinese partners through a combination of pressure campaigns and actual legislation and laws.
“That put US businesses in an impossible position, where if they choose to give in to US political pressure, they risk losing Chinese consumers,” it said.

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