US says probing Havana Syndrome cases after reports of new incidents in Paris, Geneva

Washington: The United States is “vigorously investigating” cases of the so-called Havana Syndrome, the State Department told Sputnik after reports of new incidents in Paris and Geneva.
Earlier on Thursday, The Wall Street Journal reported that diplomats working at the US diplomatic missions in Geneva and Paris may have been affected by Havana Syndrome. The incidents reportedly happened in the summer of 2021. In Geneva, three American officials reported symptoms similar to Havana Syndrome. At least one diplomat was evacuated to the US for treatment. Senior embassy officials in Paris also informed diplomats by email of one more suspected case and called on the mission’s staff to report unusual symptoms.
“As part of the National Security Council-led interagency response effort and in coordination with our partners across the US Government, we are vigorously investigating reports of AHIs [anomalous health incidents] wherever they are reported. The interagency is actively working to identify the cause of these incidents and whether they may be attributed to a foreign actor, and is focused on providing care for those affected,” the spokesperson said.
The department is doing everything possible to ensure that diplomats who reported such symptoms have received immediate attention and care, the spokesperson added.
“More broadly, these health incidents have been a top priority for [State] Secretary [Antony] Blinken, who set clear goals for the Health Incident Response Task Force to strengthen the Department’s communication with our workforce, provide care for affected employees and family members, and better protect against these events in the future as we continue to work closely with the interagency to find the cause of these anomalous health incidents,” they concluded.
US diplomats were first diagnosed with Havana Syndrome in Cuba in 2016 and then in China in 2018. The diplomats said they experienced piercing sounds that have caused longer-term health effects. American diplomats in Russia, Tajikistan, Austria and in several African countries have also reported experiencing Havana Syndrome symptoms, including nausea and dizziness.

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