J&K: Lockdown necessary if COVID guidelines not followed :Authorities

Srinagar:If people did not take extra precautions and follow all directions for safeguarding from the virus, lockdown remains the ultimate option”, District Magistrate Srinagar Aijaz Asad said while talking to media persons in Srinagar on Thursday.

“We don’t want to suffer economically by imposing a lockdown, people just need to take appropriate and extra precautions to save themselves from getting infected with the virus”, he added

He said the Covid-19 infected cases are rising continuously and they are being monitored.

“There is no need to be panic…just follow the guidelines provided for taking precautionary measures”, he said and added “we are not in favor of imposing lockdown, people have to take extra measures to tackle the covid-19 virus situation”.

He said, there are so many things and steps to take to contain the virus before imposing the lockdown.

“No doubt the hospitalizations of covid-19 virus infected patients is less, but not necessary to make presumptions, the virus is behaving differently at places”, he said.

He said a research of University of Edinburgh stated that the hospitalisation is two third less against the delta virus, but still patients are being hospitalised.

Asad said the virus is changing its colors and so far nobody is hundred percent sure that it would go easily.

He urged people not to become a self medical expert or doctor…”don’t live in any misconception about the virus that the impact of it is mild”.

“You see that the death rate is not zero….there are patients with co-morbidities and elderly who are vulnerable to the virus are being hospitalised…every life is important for the authorities” DM Asad added.


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