Traditional Kashmiri Daamur continue to occupy kitchens despite modern gadgets

Srinagar: Even after the advancement and improvement in different modern heating and cooking gadgets, the traditional Kashmiri stove continues to retain its popularity in the Valley with people still using it as a vital daily routine tool particularly in rural areas of the region.

Regionally known as “Daan” the Kashmiri traditionally significant tool widely and primarily used in the past continues to be popular in the valley with people making use of it despite the availability of modern gadgets which make life easy.

Daan plays a significant role in the life of the people of Kashmir valley which chalks its history from decades down the line and is still prominent in the rural population.

Cultural experts and historians believe that Kashmiri Daan was primarily used across the valley while it has lost its usage to an extent since new electronic gadgets have replaced them. Besides, many other technologies have arrived which are easier to handle without any extra effort other than a switch or a remote to control them.

Talking to news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) Sara Begum a resident of Check Keegan in Kupwara district said that Daan is made of clay, husk, and water and are prepared locally almost by every family of their own and a good amount of sun-generated heat is also required for the preparation of these tools used in making it.

She said that Daan serves different purposes including cooking and heating the room during winters particularly.

“The coal extracted is also poured in the fire ports (kangri) widely used in Kashmir which acts as the main heating gadget in the cold season,” Sara said.

Saleema Begum, a resident of Uri said that their area usually witnesses power cuts during the winter season and Daamur/ Daan acts as a premier tool for cooking, and the food prepared on it is tastier and healthier compared to those meals cooked on electronic gadgets.

“Mostly earthen pots are used to cook food on Daamur/ Daan which is more beneficial for health and our ancestors have used it in every manner in the past for a long time,” Saleema said.

Bashir Ahmad, a native of south Kashmir’s Anantnag district, said that the Kashmiri stove (Daamur/ Daan) is not just a tool to be used in the kitchen rather a traditional method and every season ahead of winter wood is collected to keep it going and alive.

Noted historian and cultural expert of Kashmir valley, Zareef Ahmad Zareef termed the usage of the advanced heating gadgets “change of times.”

“Time changes so do the required things and no one can change it from happening since modern gadgets have started to replace the traditional items of Kashmir valley,” he said.

Zareef blamed the representatives saying that it’s political corruption that no traditional and valleys significant items was secured or taken care of well.

“Everything needs a guide. Traditional items have not gone away fully rather they still hold their significance and importance and are even these days used by the people of the valley,” he said.

Recalling the past, he said that Daamur used to be a vital tool in the winters and the use has decline with time but the fact must be accepted that chance cannot be stopped from happening and it has to happen no matter what.

“Our traditional items have gone global now including the embroiled Pheran, Kangri, and other items, and no matter how modern the society grows these items won’t go away from Kashmiri people even if more modern gadgets come,” he maintained—(KNO)

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