Russia to likely invade Ukraine: Poland

Warsaw: Pawel Soloch, the head of the Polish National Security Bureau, said on Thursday that the probability of a Russian “invasion” of Ukraine increased in recent days without specifying reasons for such conclusion at a time when Russian troops are returning to permanent deployment sites after exercises. “The latest reports over the past hours do not change anything in this area and even arouse more concern, since many factors indicate that the probability of a Russian attack on Ukraine is greater today than it was yesterday,” Soloch told Polish Radio. He listed several scenarios of the alleged military action, including a “limited attack” designed to capture Kiev, an ambush from two sides, and an assault from three sides — Belarus, Donbas, and the Black Sea. Russia has dismissed allegations of its plan to invade Ukraine advanced by Kiev and West over the massing of Russian forces near the common border. Moscow has also voiced concerns over NATO’s military activities near Russian borders as a security threat, as well as military deliveries to Kiev, calling media “hysteria” on the situation around Ukraine an attempt to conceal Kiev’s plans to sabotage the Minsk Agreements on Donbas. UNI/SPUTNIK RNJ


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