BJP quenched the thirst of parched Bundelkhand: Shah

Banda (UP): Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday attacked Samajwadi Party (SP) and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and said that they ruled Uttar Pradesh for 15 years, but did nothing to solve the water crisis being faced by Bundelkhand since decades and it was Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who brought number of schemes, to save the region. Addressing an election rally at Tindwari here, Shah said, “Bundelkhand was thirsty. It was facing a water crisis for several years. SP and BSP ruled the state one by one for 15 years and they must tell what they did not solve the biggest problem of this region. It was Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who brought a number of schemes to save the region.” He said,

“During SP chief Akhilesh Yadav’s government 2,000 farmers died due to starvation during drought, but he didn’t feel the pain. Modi has brought four projects including Arjun Sahayak for the region. Besides, when the Rs 44,000 crore Kane-Betwa rivers linking project will be completed, nine lakh hectare land will be irrigated, 62 lakh people will get drinking water, 103 mega watt hydro power and 270 megawatt solar energy will be generated.” Shah said that the PM has also given a defence industrial corridor to Bundelkhand. “Earlier ‘katta’ (country made fire-arm bullets was made here, PM Modi is working to manufacture missiles and bombs here. Katta was used to scare our people and when missile manufactured here will be dropped in Pakistan it will be an indicative of Bundelkhand’s valour. The defence corridor being constructed in the name of General Bipin Rawat will be completed on time,” he said. He said that after Modi government came to power a major campaign on law and order and against terrorism was launched.

“Are dacoits, ‘bahubalis’ and mafia which used to roam during SP and BSP regimes visible today? They have been wiped out by the Yogi government. Yogi gave a new identity to the state,” he said. Shah said that Akhilesh Yadav raises questions over works of the Yogi government. “Akhilesh says that Yogi claims, but what has been done in UP? I want to tell Akhilesh that a person who wears yellow glasses sees yellow everywhere. Go and ask mothers and sisters if they feel secure and they will say that they have security,” he said. He said that during 10 year rule of Congress government, which was supported by SP and BSP, terrorists used to sneak into our borders and behead our soldiers. “After surgical strikes no one can dare to do so because they know that the Modi government is here. SP, BSP and Congress can never end terrorism, only BJP under the leadership of Modi can do so,” he said.

Shah said that when the move to repeal Article 370 was made, SP and BSP opposed it. “Akhilesh said that streams of blood will flow. I want to tell him that no one dares to throw even a pebble. If you bring the government of ‘Cycle’ (SP poll symbol) even by mistake then terrorists from UP will be supplied in the country. BJP works with the policy of zero-tolerance against terrorism,” he said. He said when BJP came to power PM Modi said that this government is for the poor, Dalits and backwards. “For years Congress talked about alleviating poverty. SP also said that we are socialists, but nothing happened. BJP has done a lot of work in UP. The PM gave 1.67 crore gas connections, the Yogi government constructed 2.61 crore toilets, 1.41 crore power connections were given without any charge, Modi gave free vaccines to 130 crore people in the country and we gave free ration to 15 crore people of UP and 80 crore people in the country free ration for two years,” he said. UNI

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