Situation in JK much better now: DGP Dilbag

Srinagar: Situation in Jammu and Kashmir is much better than before and the graph of militancy is coming down, Union territory’s police chief Dilbag Singh said on Sunday. However, he said the launchpads across the Line of Control (LoC) were intact and there was a huge pressure to push militants into the Valley.
The situation in JK is much better. The atmosphere is much better than before and I want to give its credit to the people and express my gratitude to them, the DGP told reporters on the sidelines of an event here.
Singh said the people of Kashmir have helped the security forces and the administration with a great understanding.
Today, students are going to their schools without any fear, employees are attending their offices without any fear, the businessmen are doing their businesses without any fear. Daily life is going on normally.
There is no obstruction in any way today and everyone, people, security forces, are working together for that. So, the security situation is much better and we will further better it, he said.
Singh said the anti-infiltration grid has been made stronger which has resulted in almost zero infiltration along the borders.
There were attempts, and they succeeded in a few, but in total, the situation along the border is much better than before and there is a much better control. Now, since it has become difficult to come via the ground, they are using drones to transport weapons as the neighbour continues its sinister designs, he said.
The use of drones has become a challenge, but we are fighting it very well. Huge modules involved in this in the last two years have been busted and the majority of the items like weapons and narcotics have been seized. We will take stronger action on it and will overcome this challenge, the DGP said.
Singh said the graph of militancy is coming down but Pakistan’s conspiracies have not stopped yet
Small, young boys, who are not yet to mature, are being radicalised one way or the other and involved in the new form of hybrid militancy. A common boy who till yesterday was studying and living his life normally is radicalised and suddenly involved in some militant act and the road to his return is closed, he said.
Singh said he was happy that several of such youths have returned to the mainstream with the help of police, security forces and their families.
The recruitment has come down, but there is a need to stop it and bring it totally down and we are working on it. The way infiltration is down, the recruitment is coming down, the graph of militancy will come down as well, he said.
Asked about the presence of militants across the LoC, he said the launchpads were intact.
In fact, there is a huge pressure to push those, including from Kashmir, who have been staying there for long, he said, adding security forces will continue to act on stopping them from sneaking into the valley.
To a question about the security measures taken for the smooth conduct of the Independence Day functions, Singh said all the security arrangements have been put in place.
Preparations have been done. Where there is a need for technology, it has been used. Every measure, which is needed, has been taken to make the security stringent, he said.



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