Salman marks 34 yrs in Bollywood with new film

New Delhi: Salman Khan made his first ever screen appearance on August 26, 1988, with “Biwi Ho Toh Aisi”, the thin and lanky Khan would take another year to burst as superstar in the Indian Film Industry following phenomenal hit of “Maine Pyar Kiya”.

It was a brief role for Salman in his first amid big names Rekha and Farooq Shaikh.

It was not until December 29, 1989, rather 1990 New Year that “macho”, stylist, chiselled look of the boy next door would win millions of hearts with “MPK” as Rajshri Productions and Sooraj Barjatya puts every dialogue to good use.

Thirty four years since, and many memorable roles and blockbusters later, Salman is considered one of the most reliable box office hitmaker, superstars of Indian cinema of all time having delivered some of the biggest and most iconic blockbusters through the journey.

Despite many ups and downs, he is one star who has always bounced back.

The fans of Salman celebrated this day by trending #34YearsOfSalmanKhanEra on Friday, and the superstar acknowledged this gesture by putting out a special post on all his social media platforms.

He thanked them all for the love and support and followed it up with the announcement of his new film,

‘Kisi Ka Bhai.. Kisi Ki Jaan’.

The video uploaded by the superstar begins with a text filled with gratitude. He is thankful to his fans for the constant love and support he gets from them.

“34 years ago was now and 34 years later is also now.. my Life’s journey began from nowhere made up of 2 words now and here. Thank you for being with me then which was now and thank you for being with me now Really appreciate it,” read the post in the video.

Once the text fades away, the actor unveiled a very new and unique look of himself and finally, the announcement of the title. We can see Salman flaunting his new shoulder cut long hair. With his glasses on, the star looks extremely appealing and attractive to the eyes of the viewers.

As his look fades out, the title of Salman Khan’s upcoming film is revealed, ‘Kisi Ka Bhai.. Kisi Ki Jaan’.

He returns to the big screen in a full fledged role with ‘Kisi Ka Bhai.. Kisi Ki Jaan’ after three long years, and one hears the film is loaded with all elements that one expects of a Salman Khan film – Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance and Music.


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