Development of J&K first, put out Article 370: Azad to political parties

Srinagar: Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad on Tuesday suggested the political parties to put development first on their agenda and keep out Article 370.

“I am telling all the political parties and their leaders to put development of Jammu and Kashmir first and keep restoration of Article 370 out”, Azad told mediapersons in Srinagar on Tuesday.

Former Senior Congress leader said, “I don’t want to mislead people on Article 370. Of course the Supreme Court can reverse Article 370… But I will not say that I can get it from the Supreme Court as I have no magical lamp of Aladdin to do anything”.

He said it is over three years by now since the article 370 has been abrogated from Jammu and Kashmir and the same time passed since the people have challenged it in the Supreme Court but still it did not come for hearing.

“No party will assure that I will come to power and direct the supreme court to revert the article 370 or start hearing in six months”, he added.

Azad said that the Supreme court is supreme….both the parliament and supreme Court are open …I am telling the political parties to put development of Jammu and Kashmir first and keep article 370 out.

“I respect all parties whether it is regional or national..I have my own way and I make my way like a river flows ..and it should be put on the people to decide to whom (leader) they want to listen. Don’t expect from me that I will speak against any leader or party”, he said.

He said “don’t make people fool and sentimental on the name of Article 370 for the vote bank”.

He reiterated his party’s priorities — restoration of statehood to Jammu and Kashmir and security of land and jobs.

He said “we have put issues before the people of Jammu and Kashmir for the past 70 years but not fulfilled any”.

“We have lost much earlier in sloganeering…Emotions arise, faith of people gained and they pick up guns. One lakh people got killed and more than fifty thousand women became widows and 5-6 lakh children became orphans. Mulsims were killed, Kashmiri Pandits got killed, Hindu of Jammu were killed. Don’t give any slogan on the basis of religion”, Azad warned.

He said “I had made up my mind in Delhi to ask people to form a party which would have full support of the public and that is why I have put two weeks in Jammu and Kashmir to address public meetings and meet the delegations of people”.

He said he met about 450 delegations from all the 43 constituencies of Jammu and Kashmir who supported him.

“I think this is the first time in the political history that the people are supporting a person when there is no party made so far. It was like a referendum before floating a party”, he added.


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