Economy and ecology are not at cross purposes: Modi

Sheopur (MP): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday expressed gratitude towards Namibia for the latter’s cooperation vis-à-vis reintroduction of cheetahs in India after a hiatus lasting decades.
“It is unfortunate that no endeavour whatsoever was initiated (by predecessor dispensations) vis-à-vis reintroduction of such carnivores in India after they were declared extinct in the country as far back as 1952,” the visiting leader said during his address after formally releasing three Namibian cheetahs in this district’s Kuno National Park – a historic and world-level event marking his 72nd birthday.
The translocation of these animals is synonymous with the forceful rejuvenation of India’s nature-loving sentiment, the Prime Minister underlined, adding that the nation’s rapid emergence in the 21st century disseminates a global message that economy and ecology are not at cross purposes with each other, implying that the country’s progress can be achieved in tandem with safeguarding the environment.
“Gujarat has emerged as a major habitat for the Asiatic lion; a constant increase is being recorded vis-à-vis other wildlife and forested area as well in India. As many as 75 Indian wetland sites have been declared Ramsar sites and 26 of these achieved this distinction over the past four years alone; these endeavours shall echo for centuries to come and strengthen a new pathway of progress. ‘Prakriti, paryavaran, pashu aur pakshi’ (nature, environment, animals and birds) constitute the very basis of Indian spirituality and sensitivity,” he emphasised.

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