PM Modi interacts with Sudan evacuees in Shivamogga

Shivamogga: Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with people from Hakki Pikki, a tribal community, who were recently evacuated from war-hit Sudan under Operation Kaveri, at Shivamogga airport on Sunday.

As many as 49 people from Sadahisvapura village near Shivamogga were evacuated from the war-torn African nation.

During the interaction, evacuees thanked PM Modi and his government at the centre for bringing them back to India safely. They also narrated the difficulties faced by them in Sudan.

Modi was in Shivamogga to address a rally at Ayanur near here. He told the evacuees that India was strong, and he would rest if any of its citizens were stuck outside.

They also sung a folk song to the delight of PM Modi.

Modi also claimed that some politicians tried to politicise the issue, putting their lives at risk, and hence the government worked quietly to ensure everyone’s safety. UNI


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