Number of Palestinians killed in Israeli escalation reaches 25 – Health Ministry

Gaza Strip: Israeli strikes against the Gaza Strip under Operation Shield and Arrow have already killed 25 and injured 76 people, Palestinian Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf Al Qudra said on Thursday.
“The number of casualties among Palestinian nationals as a result of the escalation by Israel has reached 25, with 76 people injured,” Al Qudra said.
Earlier in the day, three Palestinians were killed by an Israeli airstrike in the city of Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip. Ali Ghali, commander of Rocket Launching Force of the Islamic Jihad was among the killed, Israel Defense Forces said.
On Tuesday night, Israel launched airstrikes against militants in the Gaza Strip and their infrastructure, including rocket launchers and mortars. Fifteen people, including four women and six children, were killed in the airstrikes on Tuesday. On Wednesday, four more Palestinians were killed in another series of airstrikes by Israel.
In response to the shelling of the Gaza Strip, militants of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group fired 469 rockets at Israel on Wednesday, while the Israeli airstrikes hit 133 targets in the Gaza Strip, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

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