Sound sleep important for healthy lifestyle: Virat Kohli

Hyderabad: Cricket icon Virat Kohli on Monday said sound sleep is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle.
“Adequate sleep would help the body respond better to the challenges,” Kohli said on the sidelines of a business launch here
“I strongly believe that sound sleep ensures very good mental health” the 34-year-old Kohli said “The benefits through quality sleep are terrific and it does help me perform better. Stress levels are sometimes directly related to sleep,” he said.
“I do have calming music on my phone, some meditating music that helps me a lot. I go to bed sharp at between 9.35 PM and 9.45 pm and it is a great thing to wake up with my daughter for sure,” he said.
He said prioritising good quality sleep can lead to a more fulfilling life both professionally as also as with one’s loved ones. “It’s not just about getting enough hours of rest, it’s also about the quality of sleep. I will make sure I get a good night’s sleep”, he said.

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