“Alligator Gar” fish found in Dal Lake is a matter of concern for experts

Srinagar:  The unique fish believed to be an “Alligator Gar” found recently in the Dal Lake has become a cause of concern for the authorities and experts, officials said.

A unique fish was captured in Kashmir’s famed Dal lake on May 11 surprised several experts for its presence and look.

Officials of the Lake Conservation and Management Authority (LCMA) said that during a routine de – weeding operation they captured a unique fish in Dal Lake .

Preliminary reports and observations had suggested that it is a fish called “Alligator Gar”’, a predator fish found in North American areas.

The “Alligator Gar” fish has become a cause of concern for the authorities and experts. There are also concerns that the presence of this particular fish may threaten the existence of local fish in the lake.

“The presence of “Alligator Gar” fish is harmful to our aquatic system, but it is a matter of concern that this type of fish is found in the Lake and how did it arrive here it needs to be researched?”, Faraz Ahmed, an expert from the Department of Fisheries of Sher-e- Kashmir Agricultural University, Shalimar, told UNI here on Tuesday.

He said that the local fish are not so vulnerable, but if this fish (Alligator Gar) does not get food, it can eat them easily.

“Our local fish are small in size and the fish usually sold in the market weigh only two or three kilos at the most, while this particular fish weighs more and it grows in size quickly”, Faraz said.

He said that local fishes eat weeds etc. but this fish also eats other fishes and if it finds a bird for food, it can also make it its prey. He said that the presence of this fish will definitely have adverse effects on other local fish in the Lake.

“This Alligator Gar feeds on small fish that are available to it, but if they are not available, it can also use birds as its food”, he said.

It is worth mentioning here that thousands of migratory birds make their sojourn on the Dal Lake waters during the winter and the presence of Alligator Gar fish could be dangerous for them.

Faraz said that it is a matter of concern and needs thorough research as to how this type of fish came here.

“Research on the captured Alligator Gar is being done, but at the same time its presence is harmful to our aquatic system”, Faraz said.

He said “There are chances that such a fish may be present in other lakes of Kashmir valley and their presence may be more than one… but this matter needs to be investigated for the safeguard of our water bodies”.

He said that our team of experts also went to the spot and it is certain that it is “Alligator Gar” fish.

He said that apart from this fish, there are some other types of fish present in the waters and Lakes of Kashmir valley and their presence is also unknown how they come here. However, he said there is no need to panic about the findings of the “Alligator Gar” fish in Dal Lake at present.

Some experts say that the size of this type of fish can grow up to 8 feet, but they do not usually attack humans, but they can make other fish their prey easily.


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