Harassment allegations by jailed separatist’s daughter baseless: Police

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir police on Thursday said a search operation in a Srinagar locality had nothing to do with the upcoming G20 Meeting as there were inputs of movement of militants in the area.

The police reacted to the allegations leveled by Sehar Shah daughter of jailed separatist leader Shabir Shah where she accused the forces of harassment during the search operation.

“There are tweets by daughter of separatist Shabir Shah claiming harassment during search operation. It is clarified that it was search of 20 houses, when inputs of movement of terrorists in this locality came. This has nothing to do with G-20 but is routine in case of inputs,” a police statement said.

It said that no harassment or harm whatsoever was caused during this search and all SOPs (standard operating procedure) were followed.

Without naming former chief minister Mehbooba Mufti, the police also said it was strange that she linked the searches with the G20 event.

“The lady (Shah) is strangely linking this with G-20, more strange is an ex CM linking this too with the event, when she herself was privy to such search in particular locality due to terrorist sighting,” the statement said.

Police said the search team included three deputy SPs and four lady officials.

“Such attempts of forwarding malicious agenda of attributing routine security measures to an event by family of a separatist undergoing jail in a terror funding case shows sheer frustration of some vested interests,” police said.

Earlier Sehar alleged harassment by forces during a search operation and linked it with the G20 Meeting.

She said her mother had just begun praying when the doorbell rang.

“It took her a few minutes to finish her prayers, so she was unable to open the gate, but by that point, about 20 to 25 heavily armed men had broken in through the house’s gate. They then climbed the walls and jumped inside… They later entered the house as usual wearing boots, searched every inch of it and left a mess everywhere!,” Shah said in a series of tweets

“They destroyed the drawing room’s furnishings and scattered objects all over. Our rooms are entirely messed, with all of the almirahs open and everything else thrown throughout. I’m disgusted by how everything has been destroyed . My mother was intimidated as they left and warned that they would return,” she said.

She also posted the visuals from the CCTV footage from inside the house.

PDP president Mehbooba Mufti accused the forces of violating the privacy of people.

“Right before G20 in Kashmir, security forces are breaking into homes, ransacking & violating the privacy of people here. As if the existing repression in Kashmir wasn’t enough, GOI’s paranoia about G20 has unleashed bigger demons. Even women are not being spared,” she tweeted.


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