Kargil Victory – Its Benefits To J&K

“Victory in war is not only for the army but it is victory of courage of the citizens of that country”.                                                                                                                                                                          Anonymous

The Kargil war, fought between India & Pakistan in 1999, had several effects on Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), the northernmost UT of India. There were both positive and negative impacts on J&K which were complex and multifaceted. The Kargil war highlighted the strategic importance of J&K’s geographical location and thus the need for enhancing the security grid which was also mentioned in the Kargil Review Committee. The war was fought in the Kargil sector of J&K, which showed that the UT is quite vulnerable to external threats as a result of which, the Indian Government started huge investments in the State’s infrastructure and security.

Victory in Kargil gave an immense boost to the morale of both Indian Armed Forces and the citizens of India, especially in J&K. The war demonstrated the immense strength and capability of the Indian Armed Forces, which reassured the people of J&K that they are always protected and secure.

The Kargil war attracted international attention towards J&K, especially the long-drawn terrorist problem in Kashmir, fuelled by Pakistan. It brought the issue to the forefront of global politics, which brought international pressure to Pakistan to resolve the issue through various dialogues and negotiations.

This victory further strengthened the relationship between J&K and other parts of the country. The UT witnessed significant increase in development of infrastructure and investment which immensely improved the quality of life of its people. This in turn, fostered a stronger sense of identity and belonging among the people of J&K towards the whole country. The government constructed new roads, bridges, tunnels, and initiated infrastructure projects. Tourism received an unprecedented boost and tourists in record numbers visited J&K to revel in its beauty. Overall, the victory in the Kargil war fought in 1999 resulted in the government boosting the economy of J&K to an unimaginable extent which has resulted in the creation of new jobs and business opportunities which improved the livelihood of the people in the state.

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