Burqa-Clad Muslim students refused entry inside Mumbai college

Mumbai: Acharya College in Mumbai stops a group of Muslim girls from entering premises wearing naqab following this. ruckus erupts outside college.
The students alleged they were instructed to remove the burqa to be allowed to entry to the college. Videos of the students standing outside the gate of NG Acharya & DK Marathe College in Chembur made rounds on social media on Wednesday.
In the videos, students wearing college uniform can be seen entering the college as the burqa-clad students were denied entry.
One of the students said they were ready to remove the burqa once they enter college and were apprehensive of removing it outside the gate.
The security guard at the gate said the college principal instructed him to tell burqa-clad students to remove the garment before entering.
While contacted the college management they have refused to comment on it.
A large number of police were deployed out side college which is maintaining the law and order satuation.
The incident bore resemblance to the 2022 Karnataka hijab row, when hijab-clad Muslim students of a junior college in Udupi were denied entry stating that wering hijab to the institute was in violation of its college uniform policy.

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