Modi confident of third term

New Delhi: In a virtual election speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday expressed confidence about a good return to power for the third term after the Lok Sabha election next year.

Replying to debate on no confidence motion in the Lok Sabha brought by the Opposition, Modi said the Congress-led I.N.D.I.A bloc had no chance in the upcoming election as it was just a whitewashed version of discredited UPA.

He sought to highlight the contradictions within INDIA bloc, saying they had differing political ideologies and a number of aspirants for Prime Ministership.

Amid thumping of desks by the ruling numbers, Modi said that his government would again be in power after the 2024 elections and during that term India will become third largest economy in the world. At present India is the fifth largest economy in the world.

He taunted the Congress-led alliance they should now prepare to bring another No-Confidence Motion against his government in the year 2028, (a year ahead of the 2029 Lok Sabha elections).

“This time you had not prepared well but I will advise you to do proper preparations at that time,” Modi told the Opposition mockingly.

He described I.N.D.I.A alliance as ghamandia (arrogant) and said, “The people of the country have no confidence in them.”

Modi said that INDIA bloc is elected, there will be gloom in the country as the economy will fail and unrest and violence will increase. “The ghamandia alliance is the guarantee for a failed economy, policy paralysis, nepotism, corruption and instability. It is a guarantee that ghamandia alliance take India back by two centuries.” PM said.

“This alliance is an example of a dynastic system. The Congress likes the dynastic system in the country. The Congress has no policy, no intention, no vision, no understanding of global economy and no knowledge of India’s economy,” said Modi.

Taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi without taking his name, he said, “I understand the pain of the Congress party as it is launching failed products again and again but it fails.”

Referring to Rahul Gandhi’s oft-repeated slogan of ‘mohabbat ki dukan’, Prime Minister said it is a “nafrat ki dukan, loot ka bazaar” (a shop of hatred, market of loot).”

“To win the elections, some parties make false promises resulting in stopping development projects in several states,” said Modi.


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