Education is the path to liberation, says Prof B J Rao

Hyderabad: Prof. B J Rao, Vice-Chancellor of Hyderabad Central University, emphasized that education transcends the mere acquisition of knowledge, degrees, skills, and employment opportunities.

Instead, it serves as a means of liberation and connection to the world around us, he said.

During his lecture on “Education for All,” organized by the School of Education and Training (SE&T) at Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) as part of Teacher’s Day celebrations, Prof. Rao highlighted that true education enlightens, encourages critical thinking, fosters reform, and helps individuals appreciate the entire universe. He stressed that when individuals develop this sense of appreciation, education truly fulfills its purpose.

Prof Rao advised students to prioritize their learning goals and delve deeply into their chosen fields to become experts. He emphasized that learning is an ongoing process, encouraging students to adopt the approach of “Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn.”

Furthermore, Prof. Rao reminded students that the true purpose of education extends beyond obtaining a degree; it is about discovering one’s life purpose. He emphasized the importance of connecting the dots of knowledge and contextualizing information within one’s own situation.

Prof. Syed Ainul Hasan, Vice-Chancellor of MANUU, presided over the event and highlighted the significance of nurturing students who will contribute to India’s growth and wisdom.

Other speakers at the event included Prof. Ishtiaque Ahmed, Registrar, Prof. Shugufta Shaheen, OSD-I, and Prof Siddiqui Mohd. Mahmood, OSD-II.


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