Trump says will testify in own defense at potential trials in US court

Washington: Former President Donald Trump said on Wednesday that he will testify in his own defense at trial if the criminal proceedings against him make it that far in US courts.

“Oh, yes, absolutely,” Trump said during an interview with Hugh Hewitt, when asked if he would testify at a trial against him. “I look forward to testifying.”

Trump faces four state and federal indictments on charges that include allegedly mishandling classified information and attempting to overturn 2020 US presidential election results. Trump has denied the charges against him, referring to the cases as a political witch hunt and election interference.

Trump currently leads the pack of Republican presidential hopefuls in primary polling despite the unresolved criminal charges.

Last month, US district judge Tanya Chutkan set a trial date of March 4, 2024 for the 2020 election case. The date is just one day before so-called Super Tuesday, on which more than a dozen states hold primaries for the 2024 US presidential election.

Trump has said he will appeal the scheduled trial date.


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