JBCN International School celebrates Teachers’ Day through campaign ‘Teachers of Tomorrow’

New Delhi:  JBCN International School has launched a campaign called “Teachers of Tomorrow” to honour and celebrate the contributions of educators.
The campaign aims to recognise the important role teachers play in shaping future leaders and ignite a passion for learning.
Students were invited to participate in a competition to showcase their interpretation of ‘Teachers of Tomorrow’ through stories, poetry, or artwork.
The submissions were evaluated by visual artist Ms. Srishti Guptaroy.
The Managing Director of JBCN Education expressed excitement for the unique entries received and thanked everyone who made their teachers feel special. Ms. Guptaroy commended the young learners for their innovative ideas and boundless imagination.
The campaign is also part of JBCN Education’s 20-year celebrations, and 20 winners were announced on September 5.
The entries will be compiled into artworks to inspire young learners.

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