LG releases Sumedha’s book ‘Song of a Veiled Women’

Jammu: Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha on Tuesday released a poetry collection titled ‘Song of a Veiled Woman’ pennded by Sumedha Manhas, here at Raj Bhawan.
Sinha complimented 16-year-old Sumedha and wished her success in all future endeavours.
Sumedha is a student from Presentation Convent School, Jammu. Through this poetry collection, as per the author, she showcases her vivid imagination and command over words as she dwells into complex feminine themes and ways to figure out life from a female point of view.
Along with her passion for writing, Sumedha is also a theatre artist, having performed plays all around India since a young age.
Vinita Agrawal, the author of Twilight Language in her book review has said that the poems, as the title suggests, are songs of a veiled woman. The veil however, is metaphoric for the cloak one draws on oneself rather than something tangible and external.
“Her poetry is spun with the delicate lace of woven emotions and threaded with deeply feminine sentiments ‘guarded by thorns’ and work delves profoundly into the repository of her soul and echoes the emptiness and longing found there. It rings out how the ‘dearth of solace drains all of her’,” the author wrote.

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