Journalist arrested in Srinagar on charges of “criminal conspiracy, extortion & intimidation”

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Police on Friday said they arrested Majid Hyderi- a freelance journalist- on charges of criminal conspiracy, extortion, intimidation and defamation.
Hyderi, a freelance journalist and prominent TV commentator was arrested last night from his Srinagar residence .
Srinagar Police said that Hyderi was arrested on the basis of an order by the court.
“ FIR No 88/2023 U/S 120-B, 177,386,500 of IPC registered in Sadder PS on basis of order issued by Hon’ble court of JMIC Srinagar. One Majid Hyderi S/o Jahangir Hyderi R/o Peerbagh arrested for criminal conspiracy, intimidation, extortion, giving false information, defamation etc,” Srinagar police said on X .
PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti alleged that Hyderi was arrested for “exposing” the “nexus between conmen & certain intelligence agencies.”
“Majid Hyderi’s arrest late last night has exposed the nexus between conmen & certain intelligence agencies. He was dragged from his home like a wanted terrorist without following any legalities. His mother & sister pleaded to see a warrant but this too was denied. This is how journalists who expose scams are accused of intimidation & defamation,” she said on X.
The Srinagar police reacted to Mufti’ allegation and said that all legal procedures of formal arrest as mandated by law were fully followed.
“It is clarifed that all legal procedures of formal arrest as mandated by law were fully followed. Family was clearly informed about the order of Hon’ble court regarding this. It is requested to kindly not fall prey to misinformation campaign by vested interests,” Police said.
Jammu and Kashmir National Conference also condemned the arrest.
“Such heavy-handed actions are detrimental to democracy and have a chilling effect on freedom of the press and expression,” the party said on X.

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