Gold Ornaments Worth 15 Lacs Stolen In Ajas B’pora

Srinagar: Gold ornaments worth fifteen lacs were stolen during intervening Saturday and Sunday night from a residential house in Wani Mohalla area of Ajas in Bandipora district, while the family was away attending a wedding ceremony in Srinagar.
The stolen items are reported to belong to Reyaz Ahmad Wani, the son of Ghulam Hassan Wani of Wani Mohalla Ajas.
“We were attending our cousin’s marriage at Srinagar. On Friday, there was no one at home. My sister yesterday lte evening came back and without going into the kitchen, as the kitchen keys were not with her, she noticed some suspicious things. The window of my brother’s room was open and visible from outside. My sister informed my brother, and the family rushed back, only to find the golden ornaments and even some clothes being robbed”, Reyaz told GNS, adding, “Everything was scattered around the room as the wardrobes were broken into.”
The victim said that they have submitted a written application to the local police, seeking immediate action to apprehend the culprits responsible for this audacious theft.
Meanwhile, a police official told GNS that they’re in receipt of the application and a thorough investigation is already underway. (GNS)

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