Dev Entertainment Ventures’ launches

Kolkata: Dev Entertainment Ventures on Monday launched the title song, “Jago Re Bagha from their forthcoming Durga Puja Mega Release, ‘Bagha Jatin’ at Jadavpur Bagha Jatin High School here.

The music launch was attended by Superstar, Dev and the music composer of the song Nilayan Chatterjee.

“The song, ‘Jago Re Bagha’ pays a musical homage to this greatest hero of our country. Bagha Jatin’s sacrifice and valor deserve to be remembered and we believe that this song will help keep his legacy alive. We are thankful to Jadavpur Bagha Jatin High School for hosting this event. The team ‘Bagha Jatin’ encourages the listeners residing in all the corners of our country to listen to this song and join in celebrating the daunting spirit of Shri Jatindranath Mukherjee”, said Dev who will be seen essaying the title role in the movie ‘Bagha Jatin’.

The song ‘Jago Re Bagha’ beautifully reveals the essence of Bagha Jatin’s exemplary courage, unwavering commitment and the indefinite sacrifices he made for his dream of an Independent India. The song will serve as a source of inspiration for the generations to come and will remind them of the sacrifices made by the other revolutionaries in the fight for a free Nation.

The song launch program took place at the historic Jadavpur Bagha Jatin High School, an institution that bears the name of the freedom fighter. The learners here had the privilege of being the first audience to experience this moving tribute. For the young minds it was truly a memorable and emotional moment as it assisted them to connect with the glory of our rich heritage and get educated about the heroic contributions of the other poignant figures associated with our freedom movement.

‘Jago Re Bagha” is sung by Iman Chakraborty and Snigdhajit Bhowmik. Their rendition has added depth and resonance to the lyrics and the music is created by Nilayan Chatterjee. The song will be available on all the major music streaming platforms.

‘Bagha Jatin’ is going to hit the single screens and multiplexes across Bengal on October 19, and on October 20, the film will be released in Hindi across India.


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