Terrorism has to be defeated with collective determination: Om Birla

New Delhi: Lok Sabha Speaker on Sunday said that India condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and called upon countries to defeat it with collective determination.

Holding a press conference after successfully concluding the P20 Summit, the Lok Sabha Speaker said terrorism is a hindrance to peace and development.

Emphasizing the establishment of a peaceful and prosperous world, he said that all sources of terror have to be defeated with “collective determination”.

Referring to Artificial Intelligence and data security, Birla said that in the Conference, some countries emphasized on reliable and responsible use of Artificial Intelligence and data security.

Birla informed that the P20 countries agreed to form a group to enhance domain knowledge for legislative drafting.

He further said that the New Delhi P20 Summit was the most successful P20 Summit ever in terms of participation of delegations.

Birla also pointed out that the Pan-African Parliament participated in the P20 summit for the first time since the African Union was admitted as a member of the G20.

A total of 436 delegates, including 48 Members of Parliament in addition to the Speakers and Deputy Speakers of the Parliaments of the G20 and invited countries, participated in the summit.

Regarding the inaugural session, Birla said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the role of India as the mother of democracy. Expressing satisfaction… adding Prime Minister Modi’s presence reflects the parliamentary dimension of G20”.

Birla informed that in line with the Prime Minister’s initiative, the conference agreed to promote women-led development. He said that all the Presiding Officers welcomed the ‘Nari Shakti Vandan Bill 2023’ passed by the Indian Parliament.

Describing climate change as a major challenge before the world, Birla said that India has taken several initiatives to deal with the threat of climate change.

Regarding the discussion on the concept of Environment-Friendly Lifestyle (LiFE) initiated by the Prime Minister, Birla noted that all the countries shared information about the innovations being made in this regard.

On the discussion on the role of digital platforms, Birla said that during the Summit, all the countries accepted the role of digital platforms in bringing socio-economic change in the lives of the common people.

“All countries agreed that this can further facilitate service delivery and innovation” he added.


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