Only DPAP can ensure equitable, balanced development in J&K: Azad

Jammu: Seeking support of the people to implement revolutionary policies of his party, Chairman Democratic Progressive Azad Party (DPAP) Ghulam Nabi Azad on Friday said that only his party can ensure equitable and balanced development in all the regions and sub-regions of the Jammu andKashmir.
“My government in the past has proved how to accelerate developmental activities in the backward and neglected areas like Chenab Valley. Before 2002 Chenab Valley region remained neglected and marginalized for decades together due to the discriminatory policies propagated by the successive state governments, ” said Azad.
He further added that enemies of Chenab Valley are unnerved by the progress which the people of this region have seen during my tenure, that is why, planned and systematic efforts are being made to divide them on the basis of region and religion.
Azad lashed out on political opponents for misleading people and said he was the only political leader from Jammu and Kashmir who opposed abrogation of Article 370 in the parliament.
He said that these politicians have only learned deceit and make false statements to win elections and later never return to their own people.
“I am accused of having links with BJP by some political leaders. However, they are actually hiding their own misdeeds. They formed the government with BJP and some others enjoyed ministerial berths in NDA,“ he said.
Azad said he is facing people today all because his politics is all about and around his people and their welfare.
“No other politician has a guts to face the people like me. They have no track record and will be cornered for their fake promises and misleading people on sentimental grounds,” he said while addressing his workers at Kandoth, Bhella Doda.
Azad warned people against these political parties and said they are joining hands to ensure BJP is winning all the seats.
“They are joining hands against us since they have been asked by their masters to split the secure vote bank of DPAP to ensure BJP is winning with full majority. But my workers have to be alert and ensure all stand united against these parties and BJP to ensure DPAP is winning elections,” he said.
Azad said that due to the faith among people on him, he was winning elections in Delhi and many other states for Congress.
“Congress was because of me and the elections it was winning were due to my efforts and hard work. You can see now the situation of Congress,” the DPAP chairman said.

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