7 Hezbollah fighters killed in confrontations with Israeli army

Beirut: The Lebanese Hezbollah announced in a statement on Friday that seven of its fighters were killed in violent confrontations with the Israeli army.
The death toll in Lebanon from the Hezbollah-Israeli confrontations since Oct. 8 has now risen to 95, including 75 Hezbollah fighters, nine members of Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) movement, and 11 civilians including a photojournalist.
Lebanese military sources told Xinhua that Israeli heavy 155 mm artillery bombed with more than 150 shells on the outskirts of a dozen towns and villages across southern Lebanon.
The sources added that Israel also deployed drone raids and surface-to-surface missile attacks.
Meanwhile, Hezbollah’s rocket and artillery shells attacked a gathering of Israeli soldiers near the Israeli site of Al-Assi, causing casualties, said the sources.
The Lebanon-Israel border witnessed increased tension for over a month after the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah fired dozens of rockets toward Israel on Oct. 8 in support of Hamas, prompting the Israeli forces to respond by firing heavy artillery toward several areas in southeastern Lebanon.

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