Iraqi militia launch drone attacks at 2 other US military bases in Syria

Damascus: Iraqi Shia militia on Monday carried out drone attacks against two US military bases in Syria, targeting the facility near the Syrian village of Al Khadra and the Green Village base in the country’s southeast.
The Islamic Resistance in Iraq claimed the responsibility for the attack targeting the Green Village base.
“The Islamic Resistance in Iraq fighters have launched a drone strike on US occupational base in Green Village in the depths of Syria,” its said in a statement.
The US base in Al Khadra was also hit by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, Syrian broadcaster Sham FM reported, citing a source in the Shia armed group.
Earlier on Monday, Al Mayadeen broadcaster reported that the Conoco base in eastern Syria had been targeted in a rocket attack. Additionally, a US base in al-Shadadi, located in the country’s northeast, was attacked with three drones, the report said. The attack is reportedly a response to the US’s strikes on two Iranian facilities in eastern Syria carried out on Sunday.
US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin confirmed on Sunday that US troops had conducted strikes on facilities of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Iran-affiliated groups in eastern Syria in response to continued attacks on US troops in the Middle East. Later in the day, Fox News reported, citing a source in the US Defense Department that at least six people had been killed as a result of US strikes on IRGC targets in Syria.
The number of attacks on US airbases claimed by the Shia armed groups, which operate in Iraq, has significantly grown over the past weeks. Between October 17 and November 6, militia attacked US bases in Syria and Iraq 38 times, resulting in a total of 46 troops injured, according to the Pentagon.
The US military currently controls parts of the provinces of Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor and Al-Hasakah, where Syria’s largest oil and gas fields are located. The Syrian government considers the presence of the US military on its territory as occupation and state piracy.

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