Salman Khan-starrer ‘Tiger-3’ screening stopped mid-way as his fans burst firecrackers in Nashik cinema hall

Nashik: The screening of Salman Khan-starrer film, ‘Tiger-3’, had to be stopped mid-way as his fans overjoyed on seeing him became wild and allegedly burst firecrackers in a cinema hall in Malegaon town of the district.

As soon as the night show began at 2100 hours late on Sunday evening and the moment Salman appeared on the screen, the actor’s fans turned frenzied and started bursting firecrackers at Mohan Cinema in Malegaon, causing panic among audience. The fireworks lasted for about half-an-hour.

Fortunately, the cinema hall did not catch fire and no one was injured.

Then, the management decided to stop screening of the movie mid-way and called the local police to control the unruly fans.

When the police entered the cinema hall, the fans stopped bursting firecrackers.

Then, police detained two-three people on suspicion of bursting firecrackers.


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