VC Interacts with Students as 40 Students from KU Set Off on a Trailblazing Educational Journey Across Country

College on Wheels: KU Student’s Set to Embark on Transformative Educational Voyage Across the country

Srinagar: In a pioneering initiative by the Higher Education Council of Jammu and Kashmir, a remarkable educational expedition ‘JK Gyanodaya Express’ is set to redefine learning beyond the confines of traditional classrooms. This avant-garde venture will witness 40 zealous students from the University of Kashmir embarking on an enlightening journey that transcends geographical boundaries, cultural diversities, and academic horizons.
According to a statement issued from Centre for Public Relations University of Kashmir, Srinagar the excitement and anticipation surrounding this endeavour were palpable during an interaction session held at the University of Kashmir, where students, along with their mentors, had the privilege of engaging with the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Nilofer Khan. This session served as a platform for the students to share their aspirations, expectations, and the excitement pulsating within them for this extraordinary expedition.
More than just a travel itinerary, the JK Gyanodaya Express beckons these students to document their expedition diligently, shaping their experiences into a comprehensive project report. The journey’s commencement from Katra signifies the launch pad for an odyssey that will traverse through the vibrant cities of Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Goa. Each stop on this exhilarating route promises a tapestry of diverse cultures, traditions, gastronomic delights, interactions with diverse communities, and exposure to cutting-edge technologies.
The journey itself will unfold aboard a special train, where the 40 students from the University of Kashmir will be joined by counterparts from various other universities and colleges across the valley. The grand inauguration of this educational voyage is slated to take place on the 19th of November at the Katra Station, flagged off ceremoniously by the esteemed LG UT of J&K, Shri Manoj Sinha.
What sets this expedition apart is not just the exposure to different regions but the rare opportunity for these students to interact with the Chief Ministers and Governors of the states they visit. This invaluable engagement is poised to offer them insights into governance, leadership, and the regional socio-political landscapes.
Expressing her enthusiasm for the project, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Nilofer Khan conveyed her heartfelt desire to accompany the students, underscoring the educational essence of the journey. “It’s not merely a leisure trip; it’s an educational laboratory,” she emphasized, urging the students to strive for visibility and to approach this experience with dedication. Prof. Khan also highlighted the significance of this journey for many female students who will venture outside their state for the first time.
Dean of College Development Council, University of Kashmir, Prof. Khurshid Ahmad Bhat, echoed Prof. Khan’s commitment to holistic student development. He remarked on the rigorous selection process that handpicked 40 students from an overwhelming response of 147 applicants. The primary objective, he stressed, is to equip students for the journey ahead, transcending conventional academic boundaries.
The program’s coordinator, Prof. Musavir Ahmad, underscored the transformative potential of this expedition, particularly for the young women participating. He envisages this journey as a catalyst for profound personal growth and a paradigm shift in their outlook towards learning and life.


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