Certain people cannot give up a mentality of slavery: Modi

Mathura (UP): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday without naming Congress accused it of being indifferent towards the development of Mathura, the city of Lord Krishna, and said those who wanted to disassociate India from its past have still not given up their slave mentality.
Addressing a programme organised on the 525th birth anniversary of Saint Mirabai, Modi said, “Unfortunately, the land of Braj did not get the importance it should have got after the independence of the country. Those who wanted to disassociate India from its past could not give up the mentality of slavery even after independence, they deprived Braj land of development. Now the date of Ram temple has come and the day is not far when Lord Krishna will be seen here in an even more divine form.”
The PM also released a commemorative stamp and coin in the name of Bhakti saint Mirabai and participated in a cultural programme organised on the occasion.
He said, “India has always been a country that worships women power. Radha’s name comes before Krishna. In our country, women have always taken up responsibilities and have continuously guided society. A saint like Mirabai showed that a woman’s self-confidence has the power to give direction to the entire world.”
Describing the importance of Braj, he said the benefit obtained from visiting Mathura and Braj alone is more than the benefits obtained from all the pilgrimages in the world. “Radha Rani is engrossed in the beauty of Braj, Shri Krishna is present in every particle of this place. I am fortunate that today I have got the opportunity to visit Braj, only those who are called by Shri Krishna come here, this is not an ordinary land,” he said.
Earlier, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said in his address that India’s borders have been secured under Modi’s leadership. “Every problem of the country has been brought to its goal by showing the path of solution. In the last nine years under the leadership of Modi, the country has seen a new India, the prestige of the new India has also increased on the global stage,” he said.
The PM started his short tour by visiting Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi. He offered prayers to Lord Krishna at Keshavdev temple. The priests present there welcomed the Prime Minister by wearing Angavastram and garland.
Governor Anandiben Patel was also present on this occasion. Later the PM’s convoy left for Brajraj Utsav. It may be noted that Modi is the country’s first PM to have visited and worshipped Lord Krishna’s birthplace in Mathura.

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