Amit Shah emphasises unfulfilled aspirations of people of Telangana

Hyderabad: Union Home Minister Amit Shah emphasised the unmet aspirations of the people of Telangana during BRS regime.

Addressing media in Hyderabad on Saturday, he asserted that despite the state’s hard-fought attainment, the ideals of Telangana’s self-respect, Subhiksha Telangana, and the aspirations of its martyrs remain unfulfilled.

Shah expressed concern over the discontent among the youth, Dalits, and backward communities.

Shah declared the upcoming elections in Telangana as crucial and called on the electorate to provide a resounding majority to the BJP on November 30. He emphasized the voters’ role in shaping the future of Telangana and the nation, urging them to consider the BJP as a force for positive change.

The Union Home Minister criticised the ruling BRS party, citing corruption allegations and highlighting various scandals involving the KCR government, including the Miyapur land scandal, Mission Kakatiya, Kaleswaram, Outer Ring Road toll, liquor scandal, and Granite scandal. He accused the KCR government of failing to fulfill its promises, branding initiatives like film city, pharma city, textile city, and education city as fraudulent.

Shah praised the central government’s actions, citing the ongoing construction of the Ram Mandir and the successful implementation of policies such as the abrogation of Article 370 and the resolution of the triple talaq issue.

He contrasted this with what he perceived as the KCR government’s involvement in corruption and appeasement politics.

The union Home minister asserted that Telangana is witnessing a decline in self-respect due to religious politics and unconstitutional religious reservations. Shah promised to address the issue by redistributing the four per reservation to benefit BC, SC, and ST communities.

Shah emphasized the BJP’s dedication to lowering VAT once they assumed power.

Highlighting the ongoing construction of the Ram Mandir, Shah announced free Ayodhya and Kashi darshan for senior citizens.

He criticised the Congress party for insulting leaders like former Prime Minister Late P V Narasimha Rao and Anjaiah and claimed that both Congress and BRS share similar ideologies.

Shah urged voters to consider the BJP as a responsible party that works towards fulfilling the dreams of the Telangana people.

He highlighted the central government’s commitment to building infrastructure and industries in the state.

The union Home minister addressed concerns about the Madiga community’s historical injustice, pledging to work towards rectifying the situation and ensuring their representation in state power.

Shah urged voters to give the BJP a chance, cautioning against supporting Congress or BRS, which he claimed were synonymous.

He credited the BJP for bringing an end to riots and accused Congress and BRS of lacking democratic values.

The Home Minister spoke about the accusations of Indian citizenship being sold in Bengal, assuring that the government is currently investigating the issue.

He expressed disapproval towards Owaisi’s party for aligning with the Palestinian Party and expressed concerns regarding the presence of Rohingyas in Hyderabad, referring to them as betrayers.

Shah emphasized the government’s dedication to inclusive development for all, opposing religious reservations and reiterating the emphasis on the progress of the Old City in Hyderabad.


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