BJP hold a review meeting ahead of parliament elections in J&K

Srinagar: Bhartiya Janta Party on Saturday held a meeting to strategize and prepare for the forthcoming parliament elections in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh .

The meeting was presided by the General Secretary Jammu and Kashmir & Ladakh Ashok Koul.

Party leader Koul emphasized the need for meticulous planning and readiness underlined the importance of conducting an organization-wide review meeting.

He articulated the imperative to update existing booth lists and thoroughly prepare the groundwork for the imminent electoral process.

“This meeting marks a pivotal moment for our party’s preparations for the upcoming parliamentary elections. It is imperative that we conduct a comprehensive review of our organization and gear ourselves up effectively for the challenges ahead,” Koul was quoted as having said by the party spokesman.

The meeting underscored the BJP’s commitment to proactive and strategic measures in ensuring robust representation and effective engagement in the electoral process within Kashmir.

Koul reiterated the significance of thorough preparation, emphasizing the need for coordination and synchronized efforts to secure a strong position in the forthcoming elections.

“During the meeting the focus was on to work out strategies and preparations for the forthcoming parliamentary elections to be held in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh along with the rest of the country,” a party spokesman said.

Among others the meeting was attended by the District Presidents of Kashmir division, Incharges of Kashmir, Seh Prabharis, Party Spokesperson, Media Incharge Kashmir, Social Media Incharge Kashmir, Morcha Presidents, and BJYM Vice President.


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