PM accuses KCR of choosing another constituency to avoid defeat

Siddipet (Telangana): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday accused Chief Minister and BRS president K. Chandrasekhar Rao of opting for another constituency due to fear of defeat in Gajwel constituency, recognizing the people’s discontent.

“Here, our candidate Etala Rajender has been contesting. In the past, Rahul Gandhi contested from Amethi and Wayanad, sure of his defeat. Why is the Chief Minister contesting from another constituency? He has taken every opportunity to deceive farmers and others. Houses and lands were taken, leaving farmers to their fate. He made false promises, and he will not be spared by the people or God,” said Modi, addressing a public meeting held at Toopran in the Gajwel assembly constituency in Siddipet district on Sunday, from where KCR is contesting.

“Chandrasekhar Rao made false promises only to break them. He needs to apologize to the locals. Promises like a Dalit as CM, Dalit Bandhu, two-bedroom houses, unemployment allowance, water for agriculture, and several others were not fulfilled. He promised to work for the youth and poor but worked for his family members, increasing their income. Do we need a CM who will not meet the public (pranajalanu kalavani Mukhyamantri) and does not come to the secretariat?” added Modi, stating that the people have decided to confine him to the farmhouse.

“Congress and BRS have similarities in corruption, family rule, and appeasement. One is a carbon copy of the other. In both these parties, only a few family members will benefit. If you opt for Congress instead of BRS, it will be another catastrophe. Be careful about these parties. Only BJP can increase the pride of Telangana. We have promised to make a BC as CM, and we are committed to that. Social justice is possible only with BJP,” emphasized Modi.

“After looting Telangana, KCR wants to come to Delhi to loot. BRS has joined hands with Aam Aadmi in the liquor scam. Several were involved, and some are in jail, while others are on bail. No one will be spared. They have changed mobiles and delivered money. They will go to jail; this is Modi’s guarantee,” said the Prime Minister, indirectly referring to BRS leader and MLC K Kavitha.

Stating that the Centre will form a committee to expedite the process regarding reservations in ABCD categories, Modi mentioned their efforts to do justice to the Madiga community. He added that the people of Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan have decided to send Congress out, and now in Telangana, people will send both BRS and Congress out.


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