Am seeing a wind of change in Telangana, next five yrs crucial for development : Modi

Karimnagar (Telangana): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday stated that he has been witnessing a wind of change in Telangana, and the next five years are crucial for the state’s development.

“For the first time, the BJP Government will be formed in Telangana, and a BC leader will be the Chief Minister. The people of Karimnagar showed the trailer of defeat to Chief Minister and BRS president K. Chandrasekhar Rao in the Huzurabad by-election. Now, in the assembly elections, you are going to send him home. Forming a BJP Government in Telangana is very important, as in 2024, BJP will come to power at the Centre again, and having a double-engine government will speed up development and progress in the state,” said Modi during the election campaign.

“We will show how Telangana will become number one in the country. You cannot leave the future of Telangana to fate. We have to take care. For us, the development of the nation, including every state, is important. Whenever you tell people you have voted for development, pride of the nation, for public support, and the welfare of the poor, the only name that comes to the mind of the public is BJP. I am seeing the wind of change,” said Modi while addressing the public meeting.

“TRS and Congress did not leave any opportunity to cheat you. Corruption and appeasement are the names of both parties that will come to your mind. There is no guarantee that Congress MLAs will remain with the party. They will join the BRS. If you wish to send BRS home, then vote for BJP,” he added, stating that Congress has humiliated late Prime Minister P V Narasimha Rao when he was alive and after his death.

“Both BRS and Congress are family parties, and they can think only of their family members on the top post but not the children of you. They will destroy the future of children. Both of them are the same. Be careful with them. Only BJP can increase the pride of Telangana. Family parties will not care even for laws. PFI has raised its head here. This area also witnessed Naxalite violence. We have put a firm foot on it, and KCR took advantage,” said Modi.

Recalling Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s promise to transform Karimnagar into London, the Prime Minister wondered what happened to that.

He stated that the entire nation has witnessed what happened to Kaleshwaram, and those responsible for that will be punished.

“Chandrasekhar Rao is a firm believer in tantriks who told him that even the shadow of Modi will destroy his dreams. Since then, he has been avoiding me. How can a person like that make your dreams come true?” asked Modi urging the people to vote for BJP for fast growth and development.

Later PM Modi also participated in the “Koti Deepotsavam” held at NTR Stadium, Indira Park in Hyderabad.


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