Adani Total Gas launches green hydrogen blending pilot project

New Delhi: Adani Total Gas Ltd (ATGL) on Tuesday announced the launch of a green hydrogen blending pilot project under which the company will employ the latest technologies to blend green hydrogen (GH2) with natural gas for over 4,000 residential and commercial customers at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Green hydrogen is produced using electrolysis of water with electricity generated by renewable energy. Hydrogen blending is less carbon-intensive than burning gas but has the same heating capabilities.

The project is expected to be commissioned by Q1 FY24-25 and the percentage of green hydrogen will be gradually increased in the blend to upto 8% or more, depending on regulatory approvals.

“After successfully completing the pilot, hydrogen blended fuel will be supplied stepwise to larger parts of the city and other license areas of AGTL. As per studies, an upto 8% hydrogen blend can reduce emission by upto 4%,” ATGL said in a statement.

It further said, “With this pilot, ATGL would like to partner with various stakeholders including regulatory authorities to share its firsthand learning and develop ecosystem about hydrogen blending in city gas distribution in India.”

Commenting on the initiation of the pilot project, Suresh P Manglani, Executive Director & CEO of Adani Total Gas said, “This project will reduce our carbon footprint and by investing in such innovative projects, we are actively contributing to the evolution of the industry and driving progress in sustainable energy solutions.”


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