Army Chief addresses Pune Dialogue on National Security

Pune: Emphasising on inextricable link between the nation’s progress and its security needs, Chief of Army Staff General Manoj Pande stressed that while economic power is the fountainhead of growth, yet it is the ‘military strength’ that lends it the ability to effect the outcomes necessary to protect and further its multifarious interests while ensuring continuous increase in its ‘Comprehensive National Power’.

Addressing the gathering on commemoration of eighth Pune Dialogue on National Security (PDNS) of Pune International Centre (PIC) here on Monday, he deliberated upon the contours of current and evolving geo-political landscape and elucidated on the need to ‘expect the unexpected’ as the battle space has become more complex, contested and lethal.

He assured that the Indian Army has adopted a holistic approach that incorporates implementation of

proactive measures towards all aspects that impact or enhance security for capability enhancement and ensuring requisite adaptability.

Elaborating upon the Indian Army’s vision to transform into modern, agile, adaptive technology enabled and self-reliant future ready force, capable to deter and win wars in a multi-domain operational environment to protect national interests in synergy with other Services, the chief said that the Army is reviewing its organisational structures to include rightsizing, rationalising and reorganising, while undertaking modernisation and technology infusion to include niche technologies including 5G, AI, Quantum lab, Internet of military things, robotics, adaptive manufacturing and space assets for satellite communication.

While reiterating that these capability development endeavours stand committed to the vision of Atmanirbharta, nation building, Gen Pande emphasised that the Indian Army, while remaining resolute towards protection of the nation’s territorial integrity, also contributes significantly in nation building through various endeavours.

The COAS explained the contribution of Indian Army in infrastructure development, especially in far-flung remote areas of the country, empowerment of local communities by promoting Border Area Tourism and various other initiatives as a major stakeholder to enable, support and fructify an inclusive growth.


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