Vast majority of Finns approve of NATO, EU membership

Helsinki: Up to 77% of Finns view their country’s membership of NATO positively, while 68% are happy about the EU membership, according to a survey conducted by pro-market Finnish think tank EVA out Tuesday.
Finland became a NATO member in April 2023 and has been in the European Union since 1995.
The poll found that only 8% of the respondents have a negative attitude toward Finland’s membership in NATO, while 14% view it neutrally.
“Finns absolutely do not regret becoming a NATO member, the decision to join the Western defense alliance is a solid one,” EVA official Sami Metelinen was quoted in the survey as saying.
The support for Finland’s EU membership has grown from 50% in 2020 to 68% this year, the think tank said, pinning the previous negative sentiments on the debate on the EU package for economic recovery. The public perception has since improved due to tougher international political situation and the Ukraine crisis.
The survey was conducted online among over 2,000 adults in mid-September.

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