DM Kupwara Asks Netizens To Refrain from Misuse of Social-media Networking Platforms

Kupwara: District Magistrate Kupwara Ayushi Sudan on Thursday issued an order asking the netizens in the district to refrain from all sorts of misuse of social-media networking platforms.

The order, the District Magistrate as per GNS, said is being issued as it has been made to appear that some anti-national persons or groups are resorting to misuse of social-media networking platforms on internet by ‘preparing’ or ‘posting’ or ‘spreading’ or ‘propagating’ by way of ‘forwarding’ or ‘sharing’ incendiary messages and propoganda of terrorist and separatist outfits.

Such activities, the order reads, are being carried out with intention to; a) Glorify terrorist and their actions; b) Intimidate and terrorise individuals or general public or sections of public; c) Exhort member(s) of public to resort to violence by inciting, encouraging and spreading disaffection/hatred d) Propagate terrorist and secessionist ideology and false narratives and e) Promoting fell of hatred, ill-will on religious ground and likely to disturb public order and tranquility.

“Such acts on part of these anti-national persons or groups are prejudicial to the security of the state, maintenance of law and order and are likely to disturb the public tranquility”, reads the order adding “such acts on the part of these anti-national persons or groups are aimed at terrorising common citizens and public functionaries from discharging their lawful duties.”

“In exercise of powers conferred upon me (District Magistrate) by section 144 CrPC 1973, I, Ayushi Sudan, IAS, District Magistrate, Kupwara do hereby prohibit and order the general public to refrain from ‘posting’ or ‘uploading’ or ‘propagating’ by way of ‘forwarding’ or ‘sharing’ any messages or content as mentioned with immediate effect within the limits of District Kupwara”, reads the order.

“This order will come in to force with immediate effect”, the order reads further. (GNS)

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