NASA Administrator visits ISRO HQ

Chennai: NASA Administrator Senator Bill Nelson on Thursday visited Antariksh Bhavan at Bengaluru and had a meeting with Chairman, ISRO/ Secretary, Department of Space (DOS) Somanath S.

Senior members from ISRO/DOS, NASA and US Consulate, Chennai participated in the meeting.

Chairman, ISRO welcomed the visitors and admired the long standing corporation between NASA ISRO in space endeavours, starting from the launch of first sounding rocket from India, discovery of hydroxyl molecules on the Moon by the payloads on board Chandrayaan-1 and upcoming joint mission of NISAR. He briefed the efforts taken by Government of India, through space sector reforms, to enable participation of Indian private entities in national space activities.

Senator Bill Nelson congratulated ISRO and India for becoming the first to reach near south pole of the Moon. He remarked that NASA has enjoyed the partnership for several years and is looking forward for the data from NISAR and its utility for the benefit of humankind. Potential opportunities for continued corporation beyond NISAR in the programmes like the Gaganyaan, enhanced interactions among scientific academic and industrial community were discussed. Later, both the leaders alongwith Wg Cdr (Rtrd.) Rakesh Sharma (the first Indian Cosmonaut) interacted with ISRO/DOS Community.

Earlier the day, NASA Administrator visited ISRO’s UR Rao Satellite Centre (URSC), along with Chairman, ISRO/ Secretary, DOS and Director URSC and had a look at the NISAR satellite, which

is undergoing final integration and testing activities, with participation of ISRO and NASA/JPL Engineers. NASA Administrator has also interacted with NASA/JPL Engineers, who are working at URSC for NISAR mission activities.

The Indo-US joint NISAR mission is likely to take place early next year.


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