J&K Police Cracks Whip on Rohingyas, Their Facilitators In Jammu Division

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir Police have cracked a whip on Rohingyas putting up at different places in Jammu division even as booking many of those alleged of facilitating their stay at various places and also enabling them in securing government benefit schemes on false credentials.

A police spokesman in a statement issued to GNS said; “In a decisive move aimed at ensuring national security and safeguarding the interests of the residents of Jammu and Kashmir, the J&K Police have taken stringent action against individuals found to be providing shelter to Rohingyas in the region. Thorough investigations and intelligence reports, it has come to light that certain elements have been involved in facilitating the illegal settlement of Rohingyas, posing potential threats to the security and socio-economic fabric of the UT of J&K. The presence of undocumented and unauthorised individuals not only poses security challenges but also has the potential to strain local resources.”

“In response to these findings, J&K Police have undertaken targeted operations to identify and apprehend the facilitators involved in providing shelter to Rohingyas. The actions taken are in accordance with the law and are aimed at maintaining law and order in the region. The facilitators, once apprehended, will be subject to legal proceedings, and any violation of laws about national security and immigration will be dealt with firmly”, the statement reads.

“An action was initiated against all those who have been facilitators in providing shelter and availing government benefits to the non-citizens of the country Rohingyas”, reads the statement adding the Police in Jammu region have taken action against the Facilitators providing shelter to Rohingyas in the Jammu, Kishtwar, Doda, Poonch and Rajouri districts.

Regarding Jammu, the statement reads that action against the facilitators for providing shelter to Rohingyas by Jammu Police. Action was initiated against all those who have been facilitators in providing shelter and availing Govt. benefits to the non-citizens of the country Rohingyas.

“The cases under FIR number 270 of P/S Satwari U/s 420/120 B/167/468/471/447 IPC, 14C Foreigners Act; FIR No. 352 of P/S Bahu Fort, U/s 420/120 B/167/468/471/447 IPC, 14C Foreigners Act; FIR No.107 of P/S Bagh-e-Bahu, U/s 420/120 B/167/468/471/447 IPC, 14C Foreigners Act; FIR No. 184 of P/S Channi Himmat, U/s 420/120 B/167/468/471/447 IPC, 14C Foreigners Act; FIR No. 191 of P/S Nowabad, U/s 420/120 B/167/468/471/447 IPC, 14C Foreigners Act; FIR no. 370 of P/S Domana, U/s 420/120 B/167/468/471/447 IPC, 14C Foreigners Act; FIR No. 527 of P/S Nagrota, U/s 420/120 B/167/468/471/447 IPC, 14C Foreigners Act, stand registered in different police stations across the region”, reads the statement adding in these FIR’s people who are accused of providing shelter to the people of outside nation foreigners (Rohingyas).

“Searches as per procedure in the presence of magistrates were conducted at different locations of Jammu district where the non-citizens are accommodated and also at the residential places of the facilitators. Searches were conducted at approximately 40 locations in the area of seven(7) police stations in which 39 abettors were also taken for questioning”, reads the statement.

“During searches, the documents which included, Account Books where transactions between Rohingyas and plot owners were maintained, Passbooks were seized, Rent agreement between Rohingyas and owners of the Plot(facilitator), Aadhaar Card No. 379803635025 of one Rohingya lady who got married to a local boy has been seized, Credit Card and its information regarding who issued the Credit Card, Mobile phones of owners and Rohingyas were seized, Sims issued to Rohingyas by different individuals were seized, Revenue records of the owners where Rohingyas were staying were seized, Water and electricity bills details connecting owners to the Rohingyas by providing amenities to the Rohingyas, Vehicle RC Details used by Rohingyas, Bank documents among other incriminating material were seized. Investigation into the matter is going on.”

Three conspirators among 04 Persons arrested for Creating Fake Aadhar and Ration Cards of Rohingya Men in Gursai area of Poonch, reads the statement.

“Police in Poonch district arrested three more persons for creating fake Aadhar cards and ration cards of One Rohingya Man namely Mohd Numaan S/o Muhib ullah R/o Tang Bazar district Bothi Dang state Arkaan Myanmar (Burma) who is living in village Dhargloon since 2013. He married one local girl Farzana Kosser D/o Nazir Ahmed caste Gujjar r/o Dhargloon in the year 2016″, said the officer adding the said person in Conspiracy with his Father-in-law Nazir Ahmed s/o Mohd Yousaf r/o Dhargloon hatched a criminal conspiracy for preparing fake Adhar card and getting his name entered as family member in his Ration card by using the Fake Aadhar card which was prepared in conspiracy with 02 others persons namely (Waseem Akram s/o Mohd Hafeez r/o Dhargloon who is running an internet Cafe at Dhargloon. He asked Mohd Numaan (Rohingya) to manage an Endorsement Certificate from a Village Head i.e Sarpanch or Panch in the given Proforma, on which he Prepared the Adhar Card of Rohingya person. Mohd Sayaf s/o Mohd Hussain (Panch) R/O Dhargloon as a part of this larger Conspiracy endorsed as Village Headman on given Performa and gave false verification of Mohd Numaan i.e (Rohingya) and facilitated the preparation of his Fake Adhar card”, the statement reads.

“A case FIR no 117/2023 u/s 120-B, 420,465,468,471, 109 IPC got registered at PS Gursai. During the investigation Mohd Numaan s/o Muhib ullah r/o Myanmar Was arrested on 30/11/2023 and is presently in judicial custody”, the statement reads.

“Yesterday during further course of investigation house search of his father-in-law Nazir Ahmed s/o Mohd Yousaf caste Gujjar r/o Dhargloon was conducted in presence of Executive Magistrate. He alongwith 02 others namely Mohd sayaf s/o Mohd Hussain and Waseem Akram s/o Mohd Hafeez both r/o Dhargloon were arrested in the instant case. Some Incriminating Documents were also recovered from the house and So far total 04 persons got arrested in this case and further investigation is going on.”

In Kishtwar Police arrested 13 persons which include 06 Rohingyas and seven of their supporters.

“Kishtwar Police succeeds in arrest of 13 persons, which includes 06 Rohingyas and 07 other their supporters as Rohingyas with the help locals of Dachan area procured Domicile Certificates, Aadhaar Card, Voter cards and Ration Cards. In this connection case, FIR No. 22/2023 U/S 420/465/467/468/471/120-B/IPC was registered at PS Dachhan, and the investigation is being vigorously investigated”, reads the statement.

The police said to have arrested thirteen persons to dismantle the support system. Those arrested include; Mushtaq Ahmed S/O Dilawar Sheikh R/O Krosa Sounder Dachhan, age 35 yrs (Indian); Zinta Begum W/O Mushtaq Ahmed R/O Myanmar A/P Krosa Sounder Dachhan, age 24 yrs (Myanmar); Fayaz Ahmed S/O Ghulam Ahmed R/O Kiyar Dachhan, age 35 Yrs (Indian); Anwara Begum W/O Fayaz Ahmed R/O Myanmar A/P Kiyar Dachhan, age 27 Yr (Myanmar); Sadam Hussain S/O Ghulam Hussain R/O Sagarna Sounder Dachhan, age 28 Yrs (Indian); Shabu Begum W/O Sadam Hussain R/O Myanmar A/P Sagarna Sounder Dachhan, age 31 yrs (Myanmar); Ghulam Mohd Sheikh S/O Abdula Sheikh R/O Krosa Sounder Dachhan, age 33 yrs (Indian); Tanveer Ahmed S/O Ghulam Nabi R/O Tander Dachhan, age 31 yrs (Indian); Laila Begum W/O Tanveer Ahmed R/O Myanmar A/P Tander Dachhan, age 25 Yrs (Myanmar); Shahnawaz Magray S/O Ghulam Hassan Magray R/O Sounder Dachhan, age 33 yrs (Indian); Hassina Jan W/O Shahnawaz Ahmed Magray R/O Myanmar A/P Sounder Dachhan, age [Age Not Specified] (Myanmar); Zahoor Ahmed S/O Abdul Aziz R/O Kiyar Dachhan, age 27 yrs (Indian) and Shaheena Begum @ Horinisa R/O Myanmar A/P Kiyar Dachhan, age 41 yrs (Myanmar).

“The arrests were carried out based on credible evidences, and the individuals are being investigated for their alleged involvement in activities contrary to law and public order.”

Action was also taken against several people in District Doda. “In a special drive to check on the activities of foreigner nationals, Doda Police has registered (03) FIRs against (10) Foreigners (Ruhingias and Bangladeshi nationals) and their facilitators for illegally procuring Indian identity documents like Domicile Certificates, Aadhaar Cards, Ration Cards, Voter ID Cards and PAN Cards etc and illegally staying in District Doda. After conducting a detailed discrete enquiry regarding the illegal staying of foreigners (Rohingyas and Bangladeshi) at various locations of this District a case FIR No. 119/2023 under relevant provisions of law has been registered at PS Bhaderwah against the accused persons, namely (01) Raheela Begum W/O Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh resident of Myanmar, A/P Udrana Tehsil Bhaderwah (02) Shakeela Begum W/O Muhammad Iqbal Sheikh resident of Myanmar A/P Akhrut Bagh Chinote Tehsil Bhaderwah (03) Jahan Ara W/O Imran Hussain resident of Myanmar A/P Chakrabhati Sindara Tehsil Bhalla (04) Meem Bano W/O Adil Hussain resident of Myanmar A/P Kodsu Khellani Tehsil Bhalla and (05) Muskan Banoo D/O Imram Hussain resident of Myanmar A/P Chakrabhati Sindara Tehsil Bhalla.”

“Similarly, a case FIR No. 93/2023 under relevant provisions of law has been registered at PS Gandoh against Rohingias and their facilitators, namely (01) Zavaira Begum W/O Tanveer Ahmed resident of Myanmar A/P Tantly Inharra Gandoh (02) Shabnam Begum W/O Mazoor Ahmed resident of Myanmar, A/P Hallore Gandoh (03) Noor Bhar W/O Tariq Hussain resident of Myanmar A/P Kakoo Gandoh and (04) Zeenat Begum W/O Mohd Shafi resident of Myanmar, A/P Batoli Kahara”, reads the statement.

“A detailed inquiry has been conducted and it emerged that these Rohingyas managed to enter District Doda and illegally procured Indian identity documents to disclose their identity as permanent residents of District Doda.  In another case FIR No. 104/2023 U/S 07/14-C, 06/14 Foreigners Act 420/120-B, IPC which was registered at PS Bhaderwah against one Bangladeshi national namely Nusrat Jahan D/O Abdul Majeed Dewan resident of Dhaka Bangladesh A/P Malnai Tehsil Bhalla and her facilitators for illegally overstaying/violating visa norms and procuring Indian identity documents”, the statement reads.

“During the on-going investigation, Police has conducted house searches and recovered incriminating materials which are seized as evidence”, reads the statement.

The Rajouri Police also arrested several people for acting as facilitators of Rohingyas.

“JKP in district Rajouri arrested one person from Laam area of Nowshera for facilitating a Rohingya woman namely Haleema D/O Mohd Nazir R/O Mayanmar, A.P Narwal Bala, Jammu. The arrested person has been identified as Lal Din S/O Chidia, R/O Kampla Mohra, Tehsil Qila Darhal & District Rajouri”, the statement reads.

“A criminal case under FIR No. 215/2023 was registered at PS Nowshera under offences of Sections 420, 467 IPC & 14 Foreigners Act. During the investigation, one accused namely Haleema D/O Mohd Nazir R/O Mayanmar was arrested earlier by Police on 19.10.23 and later released by the Hon’ble Court of Law on bail on 30.10.23. Carrying forward the investigation into the instant FIR, the house of one Lal Din S/O Chidia R/O Mohra Kampla was searched and some important documents having evidentiary value have been seized in the instant case”, reads the statement.

“After collection of sufficient evidence indicating the involvement of Lal Din S/O Chidia in the instant case surfaced, police has arrested him and further questioning is going on”, reads the statement further. (GNS)

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