Ensure fair, equitable treatment for women at workplaces across nation: Jitendra

Jammu: Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh on Saturday commended the Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra for ensuring inclusive development of rural and urban parts of Jammu and Kashmir with tremendous success.

Dr Singh stated this while taking part in a VBSY event held at Kathua district.

Dr Singh reiterated the underlying purpose of nationwide yatra, conceptualized by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, emphasizing its role in fostering inclusive growth across India. He underscored the government’s commitment towards ensuring that the benefits of welfare schemes reach every individual, leaving no one behind in the country’s development trajectory.

Highlighting the significance of collective participation, Dr Singh emphasized that achieving the vision of a developed India by 2047 hinges upon active engagement from all segments of society.

He stressed the pivotal role played by stakeholders in uplifting marginalized and underprivileged communities through various government initiatives and programs.

Dr Singh also pointed out the remarkable developmental strides witnessed in Jammu and Kashmir. With visionary leadership at the helm, resurgence of Shahpur Kandi project stands as a testament to the government’s commitment. Once completed, this project is poised to revolutionize the water supply in the Kandi belt of the twin districts of Kathua and Samba, promising significant socio-economic changes.

He further highlighted the region’s accelerated pace of progress post revocation of Article 370.

During the event, Dr Singh presented keys to beneficiaries under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) and distributed gas stoves among the beneficiaries of PM Ujjwala scheme, affirming government’s dedication towards improving lives through targeted welfare schemes.

The event marked a significant step in reaffirming government’s resolve to ensure holistic development and inclusive growth across all sections of society, aligning with the aspirations of a robust and prosperous India.

Later, Dr Singh attended a symposium on the theme “Women at Workplace: Issues & Challenges,” organised by GDC Kathua in collaboration with Professor D.K Rampal Memorial Trust.

In an insightful and forward-thinking session, the Union Minister of State engaged in a comprehensive discourse, shedding light on the multifaceted landscape of challenges faced by women in professional settings.

The Union Minister underscored the importance of fostering an environment conducive to equal opportunities, recognizing invaluable contributions that women make in diverse sectors of the economy.

Acknowledging the need for proactive measures, the Union Minister emphasized the significance of implementing policies that ensure fair and equitable treatment for women at workplaces across the nation. Initiatives aimed at providing a level playing field, eradicating biases, and fostering a culture of inclusivity was discussed as pivotal steps toward achieving this objective.

Referring to the New Education Policy of India, Dr Singh said the policy promotes skill-based education, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving. Inclusivity is a key focus, offering equal opportunities for diverse learners. Emphasis on local languages and cultures provides a global perspective. Improved teacher training and increased funding for better infrastructure.

Calling for inclusive efforts without gender discrimination to foster the making of India a developed nation by 2047, Dr Singh said the New education policy will be instrumental in achieving this goal.

He appealed to people to take maximum benefits of the IEC drive rolled out as Viksit Bharat sankalp Yatra on mission mode to extend the benefits of government schemes.

The discourse concluded on a note of optimism, with a call to action for concerted endeavors towards dismantling barriers and creating an environment where every woman can thrive, contribute, and lead in her respective field.

On the occasion, Dr Singh inspected different stalls of departments, also distributed financial assistance to the beneficiaries of different schemes, followed by administering the Viksit Bharat Sankalp Pledge.

The Union MoS also gave away prizes to the winners and participants of the symposium.


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