BJP dares INDIA alliance to kick out DMK for Marans

Patna: Taking strong note of the DMK MP Dayanidhi Maran’s remarks regarding Biharis, the BJP asked the INDI alliance to muster the courage to oust DMK from the opposition alliance for nurturing feelings of hatred and demanded an open apology from Maran for insulting people of Bihar through his crude remarks aimed at dividing India.
Retorting sharply at the statement BJP Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Kumar Modi said here on Sunday that if the opposition Alliance had any courage they should show the doors to the DMK from the alliance for blatantly insulting Sanatan Dharma, the national language Hindi and the hardworking people of Bihar through his derogatory remarks that “Bihari people clean toilets and do other menial jobs in Tamil Nadu”.
Modi said that instead of remaining silent on such statements that spread hatred based on language and region in the society, Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar, a prominent part of the INDI alliance should initiate action against DMK.
The BJP leader said the Congress is in power in Tamil Nadu along with the DMK, which has filled Rahul Gandhi’s so-called “Mohabbat ki Dukan” there with hatred for Biharis and North Indians.
He said that after the victory of BJP in three Hindi-speaking states and the formation of Congress government only in Telangana, the politics of dividing India into North-South is being fueled in a planned manner and Maran’s statement is part of that politics.
Meanwhile, Union Minister of State for Home Nityanand Rai strongly condemned the statements of Maran alleged DMK MP insulted both the Biharis and the sanitation workers. He said PM Modi showed respect to sanitation workers by washing their feet in Prayagraj but Dayanidhi Maran has made derogatory remarks on them.
Terming Maran’s remark as unfortunate, Rai demanded an open apology from him. Surprised at the silence of the INDIA alliance on such a crucial matter, he demanded the alliance leaders to openly condemn the DMK leader.
BJP firebrand leader and Union Minister Giriraj Singh slammed Maran for abusing Bihari and alleged that the remarks were aimed at dividing the country. It is not a crime to go to another state for work because they contribute to the development of that state, he quipped.
BJP OBC Morcha’s National General Secretary Nikhil Anand alleged that the deputy chief minister of Bihar Tejashwi Yadav was just trying to save the DMK, their counterparts of INDIA alliance, by merely doing lip service.
He alleged that the INDI alliance people were trying to pollute politics by playing all silly cards like caste, religion, and region. They will be getting a befitting reply in the forthcoming 2024 parliamentary election, he maintained
Meanwhile, Tejashwi Yadav condemned the DMK MP and asked the leaders to refrain from making such remarks.
Earlier in a video, Maran was heard saying that the job prospects of one who studied English were more than one who studied only Hindi. In the video, the DMK MP says that those who studied English earn handsome salaries in IT firms while those who studied Hindi in Bihar build houses, sweep roads, and clean toilets. His remarks triggered controversy in the political circle.

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