Afghanistan smashes 1,100 drug labs in 2 years: official

Kabul:  The Afghan caretaker government has destroyed at least 1,100 drug labs during more than 20,000 operations across the war-ravaged country over the past more than two years, Deputy Minister of Interior Affairs for Counter Narcotics Abdul Haq Hamkar said.
“About 20,700 counter-narcotics operations have been conducted over the past two more years, during which at least 1,100 drug factories have been demolished and 13,700 individuals arrested on charge of involvement in the drug business and referred to the judiciary,” local media outlet TOLOnews quoted Hamkar as saying on Saturday.
The Afghan caretaker government has banned poppy cultivation, processing of drugs and drug trafficking since April 2022.
Meanwhile, the official criticized the world community over what he described as a failure to help Afghan farmers grow alternative crops, saying the international community has yet to take practical steps to help Afghanistan in the counter-narcotics field.
There are more than 3 million drug addicts in Afghanistan and the caretaker administration has rounded up more than 100,000 of them to provide medical treatment, Hamkar said.
“We have collected and treated the drug addicts who didn’t have shelters. Some of them now have led good lives and are at home,” Hamkar was quoted by TOLOnews as saying.

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