Punjab Truck Operators Union announce closure of Jammu-Delhi NH on Feb 14

Ludhiana: Punjab Truck Operators Union President Happy Sandhu said on Saturday in the meeting held recently, the core committee has decided that on February 14, the road will be closed on both sides of the Jammu-Delhi National Highway near Ladowal Toll Plaza.

Mr. Sandhu has invited farmers’ organizations and other people from Punjab to participate in this struggle so that the new law of ‘Hit and Run’ can be canceled, in which the driver is sentenced to 10 years and a fine of Rs 7 lakh.

He said in the ‘Hit and Run’ law, when the driver runs away from the scene after the collision of the vehicle, In these cases, the injured person can be saved if he is taken to the hospital in time or if he receives first aid.

According to the old law, there was a 2-year sentence for a hit-and-run case, and bail was also available.


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