IITs can make Indian products global: PM

Kanpur: The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) possess the talent to make Indian companies and products become global brands, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted on Tuesday.

“Who would not want Indian companies to become global, India’s products to become global,” asked the Prime Minister, addressing the students and faculty at IIT Kanpur.

“One who knows the IITs knows the talent here, knows the hard work of the professors here, believes that the youth of IITs will definitely do it,” he added.

The Prime Minister detailed the technological leaps the country has made since he took office in 2014.

“In the last seven years, schemes such as Start-Up India and Stand-Up India have been started. The country is paving a new road for the youth with initiatives such as Atal Innovation Mission and PM Research Scholarship,” he said.

“With the new Education Policy, we’re developing the next generation with futuristic temperament. Ease of Doing Business has been improved and policy blockages have been removed. The results are here for all of us to see.

“In this 75th year of independence, we have more than 75 unicorns, more than 50,000 startups. Out of these, 10,000 startups have come only in the last six months,” Modi said.

“Today India has emerged as the second largest startup hub in the world.”

The Prime Minister quoted Swami Vivekananda as saying: “Every nation has a message to deliver, a mission to fulfill, a destiny to reach.”

Modi then said: “If we will not be self-reliant, then how will our country fulfill its goals, how will it reach its destination? You can do it, I trust you.

“Today, I see your face behind the changes taking place in the country. The country will get the power to achieve the goal it is setting today.”

He said a self-reliant India was necessary for “complete freedom, where we will not be dependent on anyone”.

He added: “You have a huge opportunity to contribute in the field of technology in India as well as in the whole world.

“This 21st century is completely technology driven. Even in this decade, technology is going to increase its dominance in different fields.

“This is the age of competition of life and technology. I am sure you will definitely come out ahead in this.”

The Prime Minister also gave some well-meaning advice to the students.

“You must work on the Internet of things, while also remembering the emotion of things.You must think about artificial intelligence but also think about human intelligence. You must continue to code, but also have a connection with people.

“You interactions with people from diverse backgrounds will only enhance your personality.

“You need to become a person that finds problems and solves them accordingly. All of you students are the finest tech-mind of IIT. You eat, drink and breathe technology.

“While being in the tech world, you must never forget the human element of life. You must never become the robot version of yourself.

“Many people will also tell you shortcuts for convenience… But my advice is that you don’t choose comfort, choose challenges. Because whether you want it or not, there are bound to be challenges in life.”


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