Air of Cong lies blown away by powerful BJP storm: Modi

Haveri: Oozing with confidence after getting tremendous response from the people of Karnataka in his massive roadshows, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday targeted Congress party’s guarantees announced in its poll manifesto by saying that the the air of the lies created by the Congress has been absolutely blown away by the powerful storm of the BJP.

“If anyone thinks there’s any vestige left of the Congress, just come and see the response of the people here in Karnataka including Haveri,” he said addressing a public rally in poll-bound Karnataka.

Modi said the biggest fraud of Congress party’s biggest electoral guarantee has been to remove poverty from the country for the last 50 years.

“50 years ago, the Congress had given the biggest guarantee to remove poverty from the country, the Congress fought the entire election on the same guarantee. But the biggest fraud in history has been going on for 50 years,” he said.

“Cheating is something so dear to Congress. Before elections, they offer Guarantees. After elections, they rattle about Committees,” he said.

Modi said the people of Karnataka have come to know the appeasement and lockout policies of the Congress.

“Be it OBCs, be it Lingayats, everyone is angry because of the abuses used by big Congress leaders. That’s why people’s anger has now become a resolution, and that’s why the same voice is echoing everywhere in Karnataka from every street and locality. E baria nirdhara…bahumatada BJP sarkara,” he added.

Modi said the double-engine government brought a new medical college and engineering college in Haveri. It also gave Haveri University, got crores of rupees, a new milk plant, he said.

“The double-engine government is making unprecedented investments on the infrastructure of road, rail connectivity,” Modi added.

Modi said he has lived in poverty, and does not know caste, creed and religion, and that is why welfare of the poor has been BJP’s chief goal.


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