Legislative drafting important part of ‘democracy’: Amit Shah

New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Monday said that legislative drafting is a crucial component of our ‘democracy’ and lack of knowledge about it not only weakens the laws, but the entire democratic system and it also affects the functioning of the judiciary.

The HM made the statement after inaugurating a training programme on ‘Legislative Drafting’ organised by Parliamentary Research and Training Institute for Democracies (PRIDE), and Institute of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies (ICPS) for officers of Parliament, State Legislatures, various ministries, statutory bodies and other government departments here.

It is very important for any democratic country that its legislative drafting skills keep upgrading and becoming more efficient with time, he observed.

“The work of the Legislative Department is to give political will, ways to solve the problems of the people, and different needs of the country in the form of laws.Legislative drafting is the most important method of running any country in a good way,” Shah said.

He added, “Legislative drafting is not a science or an art, but a skill to be applied with spirit. The focus should always be on minimising gray areas and the law should be clear.”

Shah said that drafting should be done in as simple and clear words as possible because a law drafted in clichéd words always creates controversy.

He said that the more simple and clear the law is in words, the more it remains undisputed.

Shah further said that making such a law that the court does not need to intervene is a medal for drafting a good law.

“Our aim should be to draft the law in simple and clear language,” he added.

The HM said since Narendra Modi became the PM, the government has worked a lot in the field of laws.

“Since 2015, the Government has done the work of repealing thousands of irrelevant laws. By doing this, it has done the work of liberating the lawyers, society and courts from the jungle of laws,” Shah said.

The HM said that the government-led by PM Narendra Modi has also enacted many laws in accordance with the time in the interest of the country.


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