Kashmiri doctor represents India at World Congress on Reproductive Medicine and IVF in New Orleans, USA

Srinagar : In a moment of immense pride for the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, Dr. Syed SajjadHussain, a prominent medico in the field of Reproductive Medicine and IVF, took the global stage as an Indian delegate at the prestigious World Congress of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) held in New Orleans, USA.
According to a statement issued from Public Relations Office SKUAST-K here,Dr. Syed SajjadHussain, who also serves as the head of the Indian Fertility Society (IFS), Kashmir Chapter, addressed an international audience during an exclusive interview organized by Catalyst Healthcare International, Texas, USA.
During the interview, Dr. Syed SajjadHussain emphasized the significance of comprehensive fertility care and the latest advances in IVF and Reproductive Medicine. He highlighted the growing expertise and the integration of cutting-edge technology in these fields, making them more accessible and effective for individuals and couples seeking assistance in starting or expanding their families.
Dr. Syed Sajjad’s presence at the World Congress served as a testament to the excellence and dedication of medical professionals from Jammu and Kashmir and India on the global stage. His insights and expertise in Reproductive Medicine and IVF have not only contributed to the growth of these fields in India but have also gained international recognition.
The interview with Dr. Syed SajjadHussain shed light on the promising developments in fertility treatments and the potential to bring hope to countless individuals struggling with infertility.
As advancements in medical technology continue to redefine the possibilities in reproductive healthcare, Dr. Syed’s participation in the World Congress in New Orleans, USA has underscored India’s commitment to staying at the forefront of these innovations.
The momentous event in New Orleans USA 14 -18 October 2023 was an opportunity for the global medical community to exchange knowledge, share best practices and collaborate on groundbreaking research in the fields of Reproductive Medicine and IVF. Dr. Syed SajjadHussain’s representation of India especially Jammu and Kashmir reflects the region’s growing importance in the realm of healthcare and underscores its dedication to improving the lives of individuals and families around the world.
Dr Syed being the Director of MED AGE IVF Centre which gained recognition in India when it received the International Healthcare Award-2017 for being the “Most Innovative IVF Centre of North India.” The award was then presented by Indian Cricket Captain Mr. Rohit Sharma. It has now gained global recognition as well. This was solidified when Dr. Syed Sajjad, an eminent IVF Expert and director of the center, emphasized the significance of comprehensive fertility care and the latest advancements in IVF and Reproductive Medicine during an interview with a U.S. media channel at the World Congress of ASRM in New Orleans, USA.
It’s a matter of national pride, especially for Jammu and Kashmir to witness the live broadcast of an interview featuring Dr. Syed SajjadHussain, a leading expert in Reproductive Medicine and IVF. He serves as the head of the Indian Fertility Society’s Kashmir Chapter. Dr. Syed Sajjad representing India at a global event in New Orleans, USA spoke passionately about the significance of comprehensive fertility care and the latest advancements in IVF and Reproductive Medicine. This interview took place during the annual “World Congress of ASRM” in collaboration with Catalyst Healthcare International, Texas, USA, on October 18, 2023.
After gaining global recognition, Dr. Syed Sajjad, a prominent IVF expert from North India, aims to establish Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with international healthcare providers to welcome overseas patients for IVF treatments at the MED AGE IVF center in Kashmir. This center already serves patients from across the country and a few from abroad. Dr. Syed’s objective is to enhance the facility’s equipment, technology, infrastructure, and expertise at MED AGE in Srinagar. He plans to introduce advanced gadgets in the IVF Lab that are exclusive to India, aiming to attract childless couples from overseas who seek IVF services.
As an Indian delegate in his vote of thanks speech at New Orleans USA, Dr. Syed Sajjad had the privilege to extend an invitation to childless couples from abroad to visit Kashmir, as the lush green surroundings and pristine atmosphere in the region are expected to enhance the success rate of IVF procedures. In his invitation to overseas childless couples he encompasses the opportunity to realize two dreams in one go i.e” to see the natural Paradise on Earth and return home with the blessings of their own child” after undergoing IVF procedures at MED AGE. This initiative also aims to kickstart medical tourism in Jammu and Kashmir, particularly when the Indian government seeks to negotiate the lifting of travel advisories for Western citizens visiting J&K state.

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